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Part No. : HD6475368CP10
Description : 16-Bit Microcontroller
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With Oracle manufacturing, procurement and inventory management systems, Dalian Shide achieve the enterprises procurement, inventory, production planning and other aspects of information sharing and unified management of data in real time, and in the following ways to obtain good results and returns: 1 . production planning control and management more efficient production scheduling, production planning and plant management efficiency improved significantly. Each manufacturer has issued a production plan based on the actual production scheduling, materials associated with the production of lead, allocation and storage products, all information recorded by the system and tracking, project accuracy from 70% to 96%. In the case of double production, the overall inventory is still reduced by 40%.
Detected during the course of the network, all kinds of DOS commands that we can find clues to the most handy tool. If you have all the DOS commands, but use is not an easy thing to do, in fact, from the perspective of network security testing, as long as we grasp one of the three commands you can play a better preventive effect. In general, security is mainly directed against the computer connected to the network in terms of. The safety of single users is relatively small. And in a computer connected to the network, the basic network connection is detected. Because both viruses, or Trojans, hackers are all connected through the network.

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