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July 1, 2005, is the 20th anniversary of Qualcomm, is also a small old Jacob Jacob shift gradually to the day. For the high-pass this is an important turning point, for all the high-level high-pass, this is a meaningful day. Recently, Qualcomms six executives were "Communication World" written reflections, telling the turning point of their childhood. Qualcomm Chairman Irwin. Jacob: 20 years, which have many impressive things, such as use of CDMA technology in our open up the first voice phone, very excited. When I go to China, India and other South American countries are traveling, see some people doing CDMA phone, and perhaps this is common in the others seem to do, but from the beginning as a CDMA commercial design to the final witness, I really have a good sense of realization.
Was informed by a reporter from the network cloud, due to the cloud network and the bank has long-term good relations of cooperation, so the net where solicitation activities by the person responsible for the cloud distribution of prizes and so on. Currently in progress prizes, prizes will be timely and accurate payment to a winning bidder. Winners can visit ICBC ICBC website or solicitation activities Cloud area network queries using the details karaoke bonus. More information, visit http://www.cncard.com/act/icbcshop/ 2006 in the first half, the flames of the network has awarded China Telecom, China Netcom equipment procurement data based MAN and get some market share, recently another one fell swoop China Netcoms data network equipment in 2006 the headquarters project, the second floor of Central Purchasing Ethernet switches, three low-end Ethernet switches, and high-end switching products three sections, especially the high-end products on the Internet for the first time in flames selection of operators to get a breakthrough headquarters.

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