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Part No. : HD64180RP6
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Manufacturer : NTE Electronics
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Among these, Tongfang computer the computer is in the national product quality supervision and inspection center MTBF reliability test, the first breakthrough in the 10 million hours mark products. Thus, face a similar need for pharmacies that continuous operation of the machine ten hours a day or even round the clock, and a large amount of computer data files to be produced, storage and transmission of the work environment, super-Yang V series can maintain its high stability is not surprising. The ease of use for this, Mr. Zhang is familiar to cited several advantages of super-Yang V200 - "superb craftsmanship, small size, light weight, the important position of buttons and lights and reasonable, complete interface to use, easy to use keyboard , quiet, so we feel in every detail is a pleasure to use, but the main fact is that these designs help us to save virtually unnecessary amount of time and improve efficiency. "
International information security company Trend Micro announced that it will one years ago, the "cloud security" upgrade to "Cloud Security 2.0" version and announced a new "cloud security 2.0" multi-level endpoint security solutions and two related to the core products - deployed in the network layer system and the deployment of threats found on the terminal OfficeScan OfficeScan 10. Four days later, Rising domestic information security vendor also announced a year of its operation, "Cloud security" technology has made tremendous success, "Cloud security" will become the new standard for anti-virus industry. Two major information security company in the "cloud security" areas of the action almost simultaneously, so that we feel, "Cloud security" seems to Yunkai fog lifted, more and more clear, gradually showing the appearance of a solid industry. "Cloud security" a gimmick or whether it is a major industry change? What can it do any good for the user?

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