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Part No. : HD6417729F133B
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Manufacturer : NTE Electronics
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PW850I the internal parts are designed with a very good, including a P500 pump, this pumps high volume reached 500 liters / hour. This design can support very high-end products, water cooler, the product uses a ceramic bearing, and further increased life expectancy. You will be unnecessary to pump power problems and life issues to worry about. And the pump inlet and outlet using professionally designed, would remove possible problems of air blockage. PW850i water cooler is also used by the car radiator, exclusive of the dimple bellows design, while the product also uses a PWM fan. Head above the water, PW850i design is used in all water-cooled copper head, a perfect heat conductivity, and very suitable for high temperature welding. Between the cooling channel heat sink at work more effective. Reliable brazing copper process copper, Tt technology to ensure that the internal liquid cooling system leak, which is the result of a long out of the test findings. Friends who are interested get in touch quickly and dealers now!

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