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Part No. : HD6417709F80B
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Manufacturer : NTE Electronics
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Then another question arises, routers need to provide the user login name and password, hackers how to know. In fact this is a very crucial step, many users buy a router in line directly connected to Internet use, did not react login user name and password. Then hackers can take full advantage of the router default username and password to log on to the router. At this point completely by hackers control of the router, and then enter the ADSL account settings screen, by viewing the source code of this page you can easily get ADSL account user name and password. Therefore, the key to the success of hacking is the routers login user name and password. After the user to buy a router must modify the user name and password, at least to modify the user name. Then change the password that is safe? Definitely not. Hackers can also use the password cracker to brute force your password, so be sure to set the password to modify a complex combination of passwords, such as English plus digital plus a comma, point, special symbols like bars. As long as you allow hackers to log on to the router, he can not easily access your ADSL account.

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