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Part No. : HD6417034F20
Description : Microprocessor
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Wall Street has lost patience. Yahoos share price all the way down from 34 last October when the dollars decline to 24 dollars at the end of last week is down to $ 18.58. With half of the worlds population will soon have mobile phones, mobile devices so that more people through the Internet will become a huge opportunity. Gartner expects worldwide mobile advertising revenues from last years less than 10 billion dollars in 2011 to 110 billion U.S. dollars. IPv6 is a new network protocols, scalable computer and network connected to other devices on the special address. The problem is a security vulnerability called "memory leakage", an attacker could exploit this vulnerability to launch denial of service attacks. When sending IPv6 occupy more memory space than usual in the packet, the memory spills will appear. Since memory loaded, the router has slowed, and the last when the memory is exhausted, the router itself and then start lunch machine may lead to significant service interruptions, or significantly slow the speed of the network.
An article on the topic we are talking about the costs of server virtualization. So what is "hay theory": 10 horse is a horse hay required 10 times? The energy consumption of 10 servers on a single server is always less than it? I do not think so. How much hay or energy consumed are not only depend on the number of workers take a job. I think, a sumo wrestler body fat appetite may be a ballet dancer for 10 times. But the 10 ballet dancers but they are likely to beat a sumo wrestlers. Energy consumption for the workload must be completed between the two. Therefore, if a high-end server must complete 10 common server workloads, then obviously it needs a common energy than any server.

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