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Part No. : HD6417014F28
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Manufacturer : NTE Electronics
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MIMO + OFDM technology in the OFDM transmission system by using the array antenna to achieve spatial diversity to improve the signal quality is the combination of OFDM and MIMO arising from a new technology. It uses time, frequency and spatial diversity of three technologies, the wireless system to noise, interference, multipath tolerance increased significantly. It can be seen from the figure, MIMO + OFDM system, there Nt transmit antennas and Nr were receiving antennas to provide multiple spatial channel, not all of them have suffered the impact of the decline. MIMO and OFDM technology in their respective fields, have played a huge role, will be a combination of both and apply it to the next generation of wireless LAN, wireless communications is becoming a hotspot.
Hubble Space Telescope as a "successor", the James Webb Space Telescope will use a lot of advanced technology and equipment, including a 21-foot primary mirror and near-infrared camera. The project is also inseparable from software, are expected to have 20 million lines of C + + code to help run the James Webb Space Telescope, as well as receive and transmit data. According to IBM, said engineers do not write code line by line, but the software required to create a detailed model of its Rational development tool sector will automatically generate the code. IBMs Rational, said Burch, chief scientist, NASAs contract is standard on the model and real-time system model application approved, he said, is a tough software problem, the James Webb Space Telescope the software has a high requirements. Standardization will reduce development time, the United States, Europe, Canada 50 space agencies of the collaboration between programmers easier.

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