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In addition, Huawei and PCCW did not disclose any financial details. If you were trying to love that movie in a lot of hard to find DVD disc? Or, as the road is still time to worry about that silly? Is it for the screen is too small and helpless? ...... These can now be solved! Onda VX767 new products to market, so that people have to redefine the video MP4. Its powerful enough to perfect the function of supporting up to 800 640 resolution, RMVB and other video files playback, without conversion, the real direct broadcast! More surprising is that it was first introduced in the country up to 1600 million colors 4.3 inches 16:9 widescreen, so that "players to see" more relaxed. VX767 also brought a new way of viewing, through the built-in TV-OUT function, so that people completely out of DVD sources for trouble, really enjoy the convenience of digital life. The perfect support for TV playback, see everything for free all the recent large number of large, "Kung Fu King", "Iron Man", "Indiana Jones 3" and so large are not to be missed. The movie is very normal thing to spend money, whether it is to spend 80 yuan to the cinema to enjoy the visual shock, or spend 5 yuan to buy a D version of the CD in the computer, DVD disc player to play, these are to be paid. The popularity of broadband network increasingly dependent on people, the first time to download the latest movie has gradually become a habit, while BT, Thunder and other software for consumers to download provide an excellent platform, and listing Onda VX767 , so that network resources can be fully utilized, the movie can be downloaded to the player using the TV-OUT feature film transferred to home theater, bigger screens, better sound quality, so have to be tied in front of the computer watching approach to change. And small size also allows VX767 video can carry, which is VX767 lore one of the main DVD player. Without changing format, direct broadcast network of more than ten kinds of video format film resources mainly to RM / RMVB format-based, Onda VX767 chip processing speed up to 400MHZ, can easily WQVGA resolution RM / RMVB format, download the video directly copy the video from the computer to the machine, you can achieve 4.3-inch screen straight down to the broadcast, but also to ensure smooth video output of video in TV quality video. In addition to direct support for this model is also the same time more than ten kinds of video formats AVI/MOV/ASF/MP4/WMV/3GP/MPG, and even popular in the FLV format is also compatible MP4 This is true with peoples mobile video experience. Par-screen PSP, CD player, sound quality comparable to the first use of Onda VX767 4.3-inch true 16:9 widescreen, and is a resolution of up to 480 272 matrix of the 16 million-color high score screen, the PSP game with more than thousand machine as the screen size. Relatively common in video player, VX767 larger screen, clearer picture of performance, more realistic color reproduction and delicate, so you never
Dell will start selling pre-installed Linux a second PC, this time, Dell will use the open source Ubuntu operating system. Dell spokesman Kent Cook said that the end of May, Dell will offer several pre-installed operating system, the latest version of Ubuntu, "Feisty Fawn" notebook computers and desktop machines. Dell, in its user feedback site "IdeaStorm" posted on the news. Dell said: "Today, we are pleased to tell you that Dell will begin within the next few weeks for the U.S. version of Ubuntu 7.04 users with the latest software pre-installed option." Dell also announced that the company has improved its Linux forums, Linux forums Dell forum has been living in a conspicuous location on the site. Ubuntu Canonical, the company responsible for the development director of operations Jane Silber said the purchase of Dell computer users, you can choose whether to buy the Ubuntu support services. Many companies have been promoting Linux applications on personal computers, like Dell have even invested in a company called Eazel, but, despite the low price of Linux software, bright screen, but also to provide and office software like Microsoft Office, which effectiveness is minimal. IDC analyst Al Gillen that, Linux is still not shake the Windows computer users, he said: "Linux is not able to blow opponents out of the home run," but he said that Dells move special significance, he said, : "Generally speaking, if Dell do not think the volume, they will not introduce new products." Dells market share has been to snatch away some of Hewlett-Packard, the company currently working on recovery, and its direct sales model is also expected to reform. Cook said, Linux computer is a universal appeal to the user. Cook said: "The user of this computers appeal is very large, among which the requester, 80% want pre-installed Ubuntu operating system." Cook did not disclose the price of a new Linux computer. Dell started selling Linux in 1999, personal computers, launched in 2000 Linux notebooks. But in 2001, due to lack of demand, Dell canceled the Linux computer. Dell only in some commercial models for large customers with Red Hat or Suse Linux certification services, the user must install their own operating system. Cook said, This time the situation is different. He said: "We believe that, after 2001, Linuxs penetration rate has increased. Linux for development has reached a new critical point, it has something to offer the average user, although the computer has only limited support for Linux persons. "Dells move is still not enough to affect Microsoft in a short time. On the server side, Microsoft is facing tough competition Linux and Unix, but in personal computers, Microsofts status had not been shaken. Cook said: "In 2006, 160.5 million copies in the operating systems are certified, Windows proportion of 92%, Apple Mac OS X was 4.1%, Linux is 3.8%. On the desktop, Linux has no major breakthrough." Canonical, but that now the timing is right. Silber said: "The

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