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FTTH is now the most popular fixed-line technology, is one of the most anticipated home users broadband connection, most broadband users in China is still stuck in the first phase of broadband technology that uses ordinary residential ADSL or broadband access income, the rate in the 512K to 2 megabytes or so. Only a few cities such as Wuhan, fiber to the home began. Ericsson director of marketing and strategic planning often just said, now includes China, operators began to do light into the back of copper, and the optical shop to the building or the street, along with promoting the upgrade of the copper wire ADSL; or using FTTB way to improve to around 16 - 20 trillion rate; go down to the next step is to go all-fiber, can provide a rate of about 50-100 trillion. At that time, broadband speeds will completely solve the problem, the development of IPTV business will play a key supporting role. He said that Ericsson currently supports GPON technology, GPON technology can achieve higher bandwidth, more efficient bandwidth utilization, access to further distance carriers is more forward-looking technology. Company and LGI, CRE Partners Investment Co., Ltd. signed "on the establishment of broadband joint venture cooperation agreement." This suggests that Gehua will officially with the two companies to develop and expand value-added high-speed broadband data services. But also the implementation of the cooperation agreement the parties the capital contributions and other programs.
XU Zheng said operators of brand new content publicity, can be a progressive manner, from their own areas of expertise as the starting point, and gradually guide the user on the brand image change. Not only the corporate brand, the business operators need to re-brand to plan and adjust. Brand to the companys business restructuring has brought a lot of duplication and overlap, such as the new China Unicoms "Ring" and "Cool Ringtone", "Netcom eyes of God" and "Po Vision", etc., requires a unified brand name in order to achieve the future the rapid development of the business. Meanwhile, solid shift in brand building converged services also need the original brand of the fixed service and mobile service brand integration, which requires business operators need to strengthen the brand integration, on the other hand, increased fixed-line integration of the brand and promote the concept of seamless, change the user of the brand concept, highlighting the new brands "personality."

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