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Part No. : HD63C03YCP
Description : 8-Bit Microcontroller
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File Size : 1364 Kb

HD63C03YCP Article About

As VIAs first 64-bit processor, the VIA "Nano Nano" based on 65 nanometer process, the integration of high-performance multimedia computation and a new virtual platform technologies, targeted at mobile devices and ultra-portable mini-notebook market, is under the same power the worlds highest performance X86 processor. Meanwhile, the processor still continued to lead-free, halogen-free package, in line with international limits of harmful substances and waste electrical and electronic equipment, environmental standards, will be VIAs green computing and re-perfect interpretation of the concept of environmental protection. [More]
Nourbakhsh said: "Every thing are of open source and public domain. We have no intention of making money, sponsored enterprises are not required authorization. These companies grant us the money - even without anything in return and conditions - to help make our research Technology more creative and more people understand the way science and technology. "Terk does not provide a complete kit, but a combination of methods DIY robot, in addition to software, all materials can be bought ready-made in the general store. Terk recommend the use of Carnegie Mellon University and the Texas companys Linux Charmed Labs to develop robot control software Qwerk, can be applied in the robot body, asking $ 350.

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