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Part No. : HD63B50P
Description : Communications Interface
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Xian Jiaotong University, took the lead in building the campus network backbone upgrade to Gigabit level, so that the network efficiency, service quality, and scientific and technical research value are greatly enhanced. The successful application of Gigabit network will be Gigabit-level network security protection, application layer demand management and access control solution that solved position. Hillstone SA-5180, with its excellent performance in a number of competitors and, ultimately, the favor of Xian Jiaotong University, Xian Jiaotong University, won the bid to upgrade the network construction.
Distance vector routing protocol used in the adjacent router, the router does not send routing update information, can be found adjacent to the router is not reachable, the time is generally 10 to 90 seconds. Link state routing protocols use the router does not receive hello packets can be found adjacent to the router does not reach, this interval is generally 10 seconds. Distance vector routing protocols and link state routing protocol to find neighboring routers? Note that the router using IGRP and EIGRP hello packets to discover broadcast adjacent stations, as the same time as the exchange of OSPF routing updates. EIGRP network layer protocol for each station saved an adjacent table, which includes the address of neighboring stations, waiting in the queue the number of packets sent, or received from the adjacent station to send packets to the neighboring stations the average time needed, and In determining the link is broken before the station did not receive any reports from the text o the time. An autonomous system is a regulatory body is under the control of a router and network groups. It can be a router directly connected to a LAN, but also connected to the Internet on; it is an enterprise backbone network interconnecting multiple LANs. In an autonomous system, all routers must be connected to each other, running the same routing protocol, and assigned the same autonomous system number. The link between autonomous systems use an external routing protocol, such as BGP.

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