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Part No. : HD63B01YOP
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Manufacturer : NTE Electronics
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To recover deleted files, can only delete things left to do after the article. Files are deleted after the left what? From the above analysis shows that: first, leaving the contents of the file; the other, leaving a "scene." File recovery strategy can only be analyzed from two aspects. On the following several recovery strategies. If the file is deleted, the scene was not damaged, and assuming only delete a file, then the algorithm can recover the distribution system. Because the system when a file is bound to a particular allocation algorithm based on the decision taken by the files of data block location. When the file is deleted, it takes the data block was released and went back to the system of allocation table, then if the re-establishment of a file system allocation algorithm based on the original distribution of the data blocks must file the original with the occupied the same block, and we know, UNIX tail end of the file a block of data bytes are all the more set to 0, and thus call the system as long as the data allocation algorithm, a block in the system application data block, because UNIX the end of the last block of file data all the extra 0 byte, so long as the distribution of the data found a tail of the whole block is 0, then that end of file, which can determine the file length and content, thus achieving recovery. As follows:
In addition, the Dandin N73PV equipped with Marvells 88E8053 Gigabit Ethernet, the use of "Phoenix" card speed technology, the same Gigabit specifications, Dandin N73PV faster than similar products. General PCI Bus Gigabit Ethernet-based, restricted by the South Bridge bus bandwidth is only 133MB / s, but also shared by other devices such as hard drives, USB devices, audio devices, etc., the bandwidth will be eaten by the general , resulting in delays. The Dandin N73PV directly connected to the Northbridge Gigabit LAN, PCIE an exclusive channel, the bandwidth for real 250MB / s. Using this PCI-E Gigabit NIC can experience the thrill of true! In addition to these specifications are generally cloned, the truly amazing is that the player near-luxury Dandin N73PV external interface. The hardware interface of these different functions, in addition to practical Gigabit Ethernet, support for large / widescreen LCD DVI interfaces, but also built a coaxial and optical digital audio input / output and so had only appeared in the top enthusiast motherboard devices connected to port, both mainstream users to take care of both the fever players.

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