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Part No. : HD6303RP
Description : 8-Bit Microcontroller
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LAN may be used before the DHCP server, workstation IP address of the network are set to "automatically obtain IP address"; However, when the DHCP server from the LAN to cancel, many people do not modify the time parameters of the IP address over, even so, they use dynamic addresses sometimes still between workstations share access to each other, but share the access speed between them, than those who use a static address to access the workstation between the much slower speed, which Why? It turned out that there is no DHCP server in the LAN network environment, is set to "dynamic obtain IP address" although those stations can not obtain a valid DHCP server IP address, but the Windows system on the workstation can not get the address from a DHCP server information, automatically through the APIPA addressing is assigned an IP address of the local host, so that those who "get dynamic IP address" will naturally be among the workstations to share access to the normal. But each time the shared access between the workstations, the workstation systems need to search the LAN DHCP server if DHCP server does not answer, then, will be addressing using APIPA assigned IP addresses for their own, before it can communicate with each other This process takes a long time to wait for the search, they shared access between the natural speed than the normal number of shared access to a slower speed. To improve the sharing of access speed, we should no DHCP server in the LAN case, the workstations IP address to a static address, so during the shared access between workstations do not need to wait a long search. In the workstation IP address to a static address, we can first one by one click "Start", "Settings", "Network Connections" project, in the subsequent window, right-click "Local Area Connection" icon, and execute the right-click menu in the "Properties" command, open the Local Area Connection Properties dialog box;

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