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Part No. : HD61602
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Page Number : 37
Manufacturer : Hitachi Semiconductor
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Through the promotion of the new generation of technology, LSI Logic to market more quickly verified the reliability of the product. The SAS architecture to support any kind of interface, so the use of SAS server solution, users have the flexibility to choose SAS or SATA hard disk drives, or grouped together. "With next-generation server platforms to market, channel providers and users in the initial life cycle of the technology to be able to enjoy SAS / SAT connectivity, proven interoperability and reliability benefits." LSI Logic Senior Director of Channel Development is responsible for Kerry Reid said, "We have always committed to the timely introduction of new products to the channel, SAS HBAs early supply to better illustrate the importance of channels of LSI Logic." SAS HBA with the first batch of bulk supply, dual-channel LSI Logic SAS3442X will help the VAR, system manufacturers and system integrators to develop high-performance, flexible and SAS server platforms. LSI Logic SAS3442X is a PCI-X, 8-port 3Gb / s SAS HBA, it provides a high-level workstation and server connectivity never before.
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