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HCPL2231 Datasheet | ETC
Part No. : HCPL2231
Description : Silicon Controlled Rectifier
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Page Number : 3
Manufacturer : ETC
File Size : 137 Kb

HCPL2231 Article About

"Internal and external isolation, anti-virus first" security solutions, because of limited funding, still satisfy security requirements of users, while the initial user has won unanimous recognition from top to bottom. But this was not enough, because of Shandong Environmental Protection Bureau of network information system covering the whole province, involving provincial, municipal and county levels, network, network, many products, the daily maintenance work great, but the lack of county-level network maintenance staff. Therefore, if the network security products to achieve centralized management, unified provincial center for strategic planning, issued automatically by the system security policies, can greatly improve management efficiency and management quality, and ensure the effective operation of the whole network. And this Guanqunjinchen system provides for the visit to KILL products, not only anti-virus software products can KILL to do centralized management, and gateway anti-virus KILL can do centralized management. So, they all formed a multi-level network management system, so users can manage hundreds of units in the network gateway device, through the provincial bureau focused on customized protection strategy, issued to the second gateway, a very convenient and users can save a lot of manpower, reduce management costs.
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