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NeoShine mail server software supports X86, X64 and other structure; data encryption using RC4 symmetric encryption algorithm stored; support agreement: SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, SMTPS, POPS, IMAPS; mail client: supports Outlook / Outlook Express / Foxmail / Evolution etc.; Webmail: Support the mainstream IE, Firefox browser. NeoShine mail server software provides the e-mail security features include: USBKey certificate of registry support Webmail; USBKey-based e-mail signing and encryption certificates; recipient e-mail operation access control; support message expiration setting; mail object control; mailer and operation of the state audit; messages regularly sent functions.
It is understood that the reorganization was announced in the telecommunications, the former China Netcom, but in the southern provinces to intensify its operations, personnel also have a larger increase. This also means that the near future, China will have a new North and South both Telecom and Netcom, the two new carriers to start the competition on the local network, but also to prepare for the future of mobile services. Meeting was chaired by Vice Minister of Ministry of Railways, Railway chairman presided Cai Qinghua, vice chairman, general manager of Peng Peng made the 2001 annual report, chief economist of the Ministry of Railways, Railway Board of Supervisors Chairman Wang Kui and from various quarters of the directors and supervisors to participate in Board the meeting.

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