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HCPL-3150V Datasheet | ETC
Part No. : HCPL-3150V
Description : Silicon Controlled Rectifier
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Page Number : 3
Manufacturer : ETC
File Size : 137 Kb

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Dandin N73PV main four-phase power circuit designed to deal with the current peak 65W Core Duo processor, more than enough. Since the beginning NF4X chipset, Dandin progressively the full range of motherboards using solid capacitors, as well as with the previous Sanyo OSCON capacitors compared to the ruby liquid, Dandin N73PV on the choice of a real solid capacitors, the electrical specifications and life in general with the former widen the gap. The capacitors in the average life expectancy of under 20 degrees Celsius to 40,000 hours, ESR resistance values as low as <8m+, low heat, more conducive to system stability, are widely used in servers, is one of the best quality capacitors. Dandin N73PV also used the large-capacity dual 8MB Serial Flash memory, enhanced frequencies up to 75MHz, flash memory is far faster than the old rate of 25 to 50MHz frequency. By using the 25X "Dual Output SPI" feature, the transmission rate is more up to 150MHz, 8MB capacity to achieve much more, an unprecedented wealth of functional modules.

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