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HCPL-2631-000E Datasheet | ETC
Part No. : HCPL-2631-000E
Description : Silicon Controlled Rectifier
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Page Number : 3
Manufacturer : ETC
File Size : 137 Kb

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PE-PE through the use of MP-iBGP between the routing of information interaction. PE router connected through the maintenance or use of mesh iBGP route reflector to ensure that the routing information is distributed to all the PE routers. When the entry PE router, routing information distribution, it will also carry VRF routing tables where RD, is about to route IPv4 addresses into VPN-IPv4 addresses. The specific distribution of routing information including the route of the VPN-IPv4 address prefix, BGP next hop entry PE router that VPN-IPv4 address assigned to the label and the VPN route where the VRF routing table Export RT. The routing information that we label as VPN-IPv4 with route information.
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