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Part No. : HC9P5524-5
Description : EIA/ITU 24V PABX SLIC with 25mA Loop Feed
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Page Number : 9
Manufacturer : Intersil Corporation
File Size : 87 Kb

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Editorial: Lian Li chassis spiders work this fire can be said that the top material, the chassis using a visible red rose and the elements into the MOD, is a crazy A meal will be worth the chassis products. Of course, as a limited edition of the chassis, its price is also a regular user can not be described, the 5,999 yuan price tag is also prohibitive for many players, friends who are interested can go to Shanghai to buy overclocking area. Cooler Master chassis products have been known, and recently, a debut in this years CeBIT 2008 had a hand-painted chassis CSX arrival Shanghai Pacific a cold store in cool, great personality. Cooler Master CSXs this idea comes from a hand-painted chassis the hands of foreign designers, cabinet design with a camouflage pattern, and a bullet went through the scene. The front panel set aside a large amount of cooling air gate, also reserved the top USB port, audio interface and other extensions interface.
In the network transmission and data protection, ASUS RS162-E4/RX4 also for small and medium enterprise information sufficient to consider the special needs. The product of the Intel 82563EB onboard dual Gigabit Ethernet, outstanding ability to ensure the transfer of information between enterprises inside and outside the large flow of data exchange, the same time, the product also supports network load balancing and redundancy port technology, an effective network to ensure services, efficient and stable environment, so that timely replacement spare port transfer tasks to ensure uninterrupted transmission of data integrity. In addition, the products built-in LSI 1068 PCI-X SAS controller chip, providing RAID 0,1,1 E protection, to provide users with a free data protection, higher security requirements for users, can be achieved through the purchase of SAS ZCR card SAS RAID 0 +1 / 5 mode of data protection. ASUS RS162-E4/RX4 expansion slot with two different specifications, with different options to support PCI-E or PCI-X, to meet different application requirements, for the time being there is no need for users to upgrade, the product has to a certain extent construction cost savings, in addition, the product has an additional SO-DIMM slots, with the Asus AMSB3 card expansion slot in general do not take the case to help the user remote management capabilities.

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