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HC55140IM Datasheet | Intersil Corporation
Part No. : HC55140IM
Description : Low Power Universal SLIC Family
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Page Number : 35
Manufacturer : Intersil Corporation
File Size : 383 Kb

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Texas Instruments DLP Products Division announced, DLP products will enable consumers anywhere in the room to interact with the projected content. And the content can be projected on any physical surface, consumers no longer need cumbersome image calibration procedures. DLP technology, interactive features have been several well-known projector manufacturers approved and adopted. Following the manufacturers products will have some 3D or 2D interactive content display options: the technology invented by Texas Instruments engineers, Marshall Capps. In addition, DLP is the industrys first interactive projection technology. Marshall also therefore in Junes "Fast Company Magazine" as "100 most creative business people" one. Capps said: "My mother is a teacher, I have repeatedly heard the complaint can only be limited to the podium in her lectures distress. She sat back of the room if you want to help the children, we must suspend lectures. And if children are leave the seat, and will cause chaos in the classroom. I have been trying to find a way to solve these problems, namely, by some new invention that allows the speaker more collaborative way of sharing information. "
We learned from a foreign media, this digital camera called the Snap only slightly larger than the rings can be set to use the finger. The whole machine has only one button, and capture the image quality is perfect. Canon did not disclose terms of the concept of machine specific parameters of this indicator, it may also just a model. The camera looks like the concept of digital camera product will be listed and whether it represents the future direction of development of a digital camera, you also need time to confirm. Currently has 7 portable telephoto optical zoom camera, because of its practical performance and compact size are subject to many consumers, I see on the market today, 7 times the stabilization Casio EX-V7s sale of Tele price has fallen to 1,850 yuan a. Casio EX-V7 camera the size of the specifications for the 96 25 60mm. Without battery and memory card case, weight 149 grams. The 7 standard 35mm optical zoom lens converted after 38-266mm, the maximum aperture of F3.4-F5.3.

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