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HAT1036R-EL Datasheet | LEM
Part No. : HAT1036R-EL
Description : Current Transducer HAT 500~1500-S
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Page Number : 2
Manufacturer : LEM
File Size : 257 Kb

HAT1036R-EL Article About

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To sum up where the firewall needs to be achieved to meet two requirements: first, the host must be able to provide security, that is, outside of the host and the host LAN for data transmission implementation of safety protection; second, the machine must be able to provide good Interface, with easy to operate, easy to manage benefits. Taking into account the limitations of existing hardware devices, to meet the test requirements in ensuring an environment as simple as possible the experimental environment. Because the host-based firewall system is designed, it requires only a network host to the experiment. The system is in the Linux environment using C language-based packet filtering firewall software design and application development tools using Kylix interface design and database connection.

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