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Part No. : HA31002P
Description : Analog IC
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Access control is what allows people to control access to the server, and if they can access the server, and if they can access the server, what services to allow them to use the method. AAA is configured to use the same three independent safety function of a structure. It provides a modular approach to complete the following services: certification - a method of providing user identification, including registration and password dialog box asking for and response, messaging support, and according to the selected security protocol for encryption. Authorization - A method of providing remote access control, including one-time authorization or authorization services, individual services, each user account list and profile, the user package support, and IP, IPX, ARP, and Telnet support. Accounting - a secure server to collect and send information to provide services approach, which is used to list billing, auditing, and the formation of statements, such as user ID, start time and stop time, perform the command, the number of packets and bytes number.
As a high-end graphics card, this card uses the latest 80nm manufacturing process currently used the public version of the green P401 PCB board design and precise workmanship, unified shader architecture, 32 stream processors, and the perfect support for support DirectX10, SM4.0 special effects, and supports NVIDIA SLI technology, almost all the latest special effects with the current technology. As a high-end overclocked graphics card, video card power supply configuration is directly related to the stability of graphics performance play, this card uses memory core two-phase single-phase power supply and separate power supply mode, the selected materials with a large number of Sanyo solid capacitors, rubies and other Japanese-brand capacitors and inductors quality fully enclosed, in addition to configuring a 6-pin external power connector, this high-end graphics cards to meet the full needs of high-frequency power supply.

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