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Part No. : HA17431VLP-EL
Description : Peripheral IC
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File Size : 346 Kb

HA17431VLP-EL Article About

Pingmei Group Director Zhang computer communications center, said, "We are implementing a pilot project, so no matter what, we must maintain a certain standard, we should have exemplary. For example, we have built a data room, whether it is Comprehensive performance and overall image, are first-class equipment neat appearance; can have a unified management interface on the room environment and to manage a variety of devices. It is also the advantage of APC products, where the British fly, this integrated architecture and integrated Management is the leading in the industry, but also other systems currently do not have. "
Employer: "own army," outside the no confidence; heroes difficult arena for various objective reasons, or thinking of their own limitations of decision makers, private enterprises employing unusual emphasis on "own army." Enterprises in all sectors have a "royal" common occurrences. "Own army" and "non own army," the trust between the few to speak of, and are "own army of" leadership "of non-own army," it difficult to establish between different levels of trust in the true sense. In private enterprise, the "own army," business is not familiar, but the power is maximum; ability is not very strong, but the steward at best; doing much, but the voice is the most. "Non-own army," Even if there be, can hardly be reused. Enterprises "do not trust, do not let go, no delegation of authority, not boldly," employing the way to make it difficult for them deployed, become idle resources. This talent does not play the stage, training opportunities, there is no possibility of realization of value, will become motivated to change jobs; for enterprises, but also among the biggest waste of all resources.

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