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HA11508 Datasheet | Hitachi Semiconductor
Part No. : HA11508
Description : Audio-Video Switch
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Page Number : 7
Manufacturer : Hitachi Semiconductor
File Size : 151 Kb

HA11508 Article About

The basic summary of the board are well-known brands, product quality is still relatively secure, especially computer users to set up integrated HTPC motherboard is a good choice. Finally, the author advises consumers, they also try to buy the larger the business office, or refer to our articles following the recommendation of the dealers, to make their own interests are better protected. With the current MP3 market continues to heat up a price war, MP3s overall price level has dropped lower and lower, while the 399 yuan price of the product parts are suddenly a lot of force to the product than before, not only in terms of volume of these new forces has increased, mostly rose to the 4G, but the price unchanged. and function compared to previous products are also a number of comprehensive, and that the phenomenon of male die are less likely to spread. Although the brand of these products is still dominated by low-end brands, but consumers have been well worth considering.
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