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Part No. : HA11235
Description : Synchronous Signal Processing System
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Page Number : 9
Manufacturer : Hitachi Semiconductor
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These trends led to the engine and transmission to achieve a more accurate control of power system requirements and for functional and cost-optimized MCU product development has become a major theme. Renesas Technology Corp. is currently in production powertrain control applications for the SH7050 Series and M32R family 32-bit Flash MCU, and these products have been widely used. Product development process at an early stage technology and experience accumulated on the basis, in order to meet the demand for higher performance, integration of Renesas Technology Corp. began developing the high-speed operation and large Flash memory capacity, using the SH-2A CPU core in order to advanced 90nm process node to achieve outstanding performance and real-time control Flash memory MCU. The first product - SH72544R - is the result of these efforts, was released in July 2008, and can provide fast action and full 2.5Mb speed Flash memory. Now launched a new SH72531 MCU, it can provide some properties of SH72544R. SH72531 using high-performance SH-2A CPU core, which can be a variety of technology companies in the Renesas SuperH * 3 series of 32-bit RISC MCU / MPU to provide excellent real-time performance. SH-2A superscalar Harvard architecture used, to simultaneously execute two instructions. Thus, it can be in the operating frequency of 120MHz to achieve 240MIPS processing performance.
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