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HA1-4902-2 Datasheet | Intersil Corporation
Part No. : HA1-4902-2
Description : Precision Quad Comparators
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Page Number : 8
Manufacturer : Intersil Corporation
File Size : 102 Kb

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The S10 model of MP3 products from the Chi was in shape, it measures only 68mm 30mm 12.5mm, black plastic shell, absence of physical light in hand. Smooth surface of the product, coupled with the transition between each side is very mellow, so it has good grip. Products, the front OLED LCD screen and five-dimensional arrow keys, buttons and feel with good flexibility, the outer silver ring is the aesthetics of the product considerably. We can see the back of a product push-pull button, While this key role is it? Gently press down on it, you can see the bottom of the pop-up USB jack, the original Chi for the S10s USB jack is so designed so players can abandon such an arrangement of portability USB connection, and whether it is transferred data, songs or charge to the product are quite convenient.
AM2 Dual Core 6400 + 3.2GHz processor with high frequency, the cache has reached 2MB. For any one of the hottest 3D games nowadays is, it can easily do the job. AM2 Dual Core 6400 + processor can better meet the mainstream in the next year or two do not have to consider upgrading. Angle marked on the processor is labeled "Black Edition", allegedly "Black Edition" processor in addition to the frequency limit can be arbitrarily adjusted up or down, this DIY for the professional players, is a good news. AM2 Dual Core 6400 + processor default frequency up to 3.2GHz, supports 1GHz HT bus frequency, cache 2MB, products for Socket AM2.

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