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HA1-2542-5 Datasheet | Intersil Corporation
Part No. : HA1-2542-5
Description : 70MHz, High Slew Rate, High Output Current Operational Amplifier
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Page Number : 13
Manufacturer : Intersil Corporation
File Size : 824 Kb

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Yeston R2400PRO-HM256GD3 video graphics card with a narrow version of the red PCB design, and with a large radiator, so that the work in the zero noise. Graphics core based on the latest 65nm process technology of the RV610 graphics core, with a unified shader architecture, 40 stream processors, support for DX10 and SM4.0 and other special effects. Also this card has built a revolutionary UVD engine with ATI AVIVO HD and H.264 can be achieved on the VC-1 video decoding hardware, is currently the only hardware decoding of H.264 and VC-1 video card, Video bit rate increase processing capacity instantly from 25Mbps to 40Mbps, no matter what processor to use, CPU occupancy rate continues to remain at 5% or less. Yeston R2400PRO-HM256GD3 video memory onboard graphics card on the back of the modern 1.4ns-GDDR3 memory particles, formed 64MB/64Bit the memory specifications, equipped with DDR3 memory because of the relationship, so the default core and memory frequency reached the level of 600/1400MHz, how much higher frequency of the memory capacity and bandwidth to make up for deficiencies on, but this card is also ATIs HyperMemory memory can be shared by the largest technology can be expanded to 256MB, this way to fully satisfy HD users in general daily entertainment.

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