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Manufacturer : Fairchild Semiconductor
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For training issues, Zhao Zhongjie also feel the same. In his view, the financial sector should take advantage of the meeting and other occasions to explain the taxation of other business knowledge. For example, why do we keep receipts for reimbursement, the tax treatment of these documents what kind of impact to the enterprise. Speaking from a deeper level, the accounting department and business interests are the same, fundamentally speaking, is to maximize the interests of enterprises. So, if the accounting department can often empathy, learn to stand on the point of view of other business issues, the bilateral exchange will be more open.
But in last weeks event, the audience is ready for enterprise among colleagues as a virtual avatar, or the Avatar to represent the true self, but also hold considerable skepticism. "The only important thing is what consumers want." A listener. To be sure, if companies embrace the virtual business relationship with colleagues, security and privacy problems will emerge. For example, Second Life residents can transform himself into a dragon, male of female / female to male sex change, or nudists. "Light This is a deep issue - the need for the staff set up a code of conduct?" IBMs Kamalsky said. "Our concern is security and privacy issues, but obviously we can not control the Linden Lab servers," he said. "But we try to pick a service agreement on this point clearly." IBM CEO Sam Palmisanos style in Second Life, was behind the Forbidden City, the virtual space with the Chinese government with IBM to create hand. Palmisano announced that it will invest 100 million U.S. dollars for two years to Beijing IBM employees and Second Life.

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