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Part No. : GT3180-01-C
Description : THYRISTOR|GTO|800V V(DRM)|TO-209VARM20
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To further implement the "Technology and the Sea" strategy to strengthen the exclusive economic zone of the North Sea business regulation, public service, ability to deal with emergency events, the North Sea Branch of State Oceanic Administration plans to build a video consultation system, covering Qingdao, Yantai, Tianjin, , Qinhuangdao, Dalian, five branches. Domestic market through in-depth research, repeated assessments, field test, the North Sea Branch of the final choice of the subjects to attain high-definition video conferencing systems. System can provide high-definition images and high-fidelity sound, have a good double feature collaboration to meet the maritime operations in the collection, transmission, high-resolution image information to restore the specific application requirements.
Last June, around the CSRC has issued a "to carry out securities and futures industry, information system security check" notice, in a series of checks, the threats and vulnerabilities emerge gradually, a number of experts in the field of information security is also on the securities industry network security issues raised sharp criticism. Subsequent release of "regulatory classification of securities companies" as the classification of information security one of the main indicators, together with details of the more clear in the "Evaluation of Risk Management Securities Index and Standard" and "securities and futures business implementation of information system security check Guidelines ", the contents of the above provisions of this policy will face to ensure" security "has become the industry the most important task for future information technology.

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