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Part No. : GT3180-01-A-DB
Description : THYRISTOR|GTO|800V V(DRM)|TO-209VARM20
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The English name is DECS Domino Enterprise Connection Services, is a subset of LEI, it is only real-time Notes activities. DECS is a wizard-based device server tasks, included in the Domino 4.6.3 and later. It modifies the NOTES.INI file to include real-time extension: extmgr_addins = ndecsext.dll In short, the main difference between the two can be summarized as: 1 LEI provides a versatile set of tools for data access can be programmed to; DECS is limited to pre-defined functions. 2 LEI can handle large data transfers, DECS only work in document-level 3 LEI can be applied to two non-Notes data sources, DECS requirements of Notes as a data source
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