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Part No. : GM82C765B
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Page Number : 36
Manufacturer : Hynix Semiconductor
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4.4. The core too much? Although the on-chip integration 4-8 CPU core, short-term outlook really exciting, but from a longer-term perspective, 32,64,128,256 core chip integration will also bring other challenges. The late 1990s, the heyday of RISC SMP market, large systems are expensive, and almost always shared. Do not worry about individual users can not find enough basic work to keep the CPU busy. In contrast, the upcoming multi-core processor chip will be affordable commercial products. Individuals will be able to easily afford more CPU, more than ever, "Task parallelism," the number of required CPU. For example, in 2004, based on a single core AMD or Intel dual-socket servers, the high price of 5,000 to 6,000 U.S. dollars, with 5 million budget of the scientists / engineers, you can buy about 8 servers and enough storage and network equipment. Since 2000, the increasing number of such systems, many users find the small cluster, run independent serial jobs, or only in the parallel operations within a server, you can make full use of the resources of these small clusters. If the vendor near the same price, then use the same budget, a 16-core processors will get a total of 256 cores. Scientists / engineers, the user base will not have such a huge number of independent operations, it will not be considered to improve the throughput, to improve the performance of a single operation. The idea further, the use of $ 50,000 to purchase 128-core chip, will be 2048 threads, which will allow most users to program and use computers a fundamental change. Therefore, the multi-core processor developers task is daunting, they must simplify the development of multi-core processors in order to improve the efficiency of a single operation. And, if multi-core users to advance to their competitors, pioneered the development of this parallel mechanism, the user will gain more competitive advantage.

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