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Part No. : GM16C450PL
Description : UART
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Network intrusion detection system running on any operating system platform, network intrusion detection system generally Unix-based operating platform, a small number of devices using proprietary or Windows-based Intrusion Detection System platform. With the continuous improvement of network attack techniques and network security vulnerabilities continue to find that traditional firewall technology plus the traditional IDS technology, has been unable to cope with a number of security threats. In this case, IPS technology emerges, IPS technology can detect depth perception and the data flowing through the flow of dropping malicious packets to block attacks, limiting the abuse of packets to protect the network bandwidth resources. Deployed in the data forwarding path for the IPS, according to pre-set security policies on every packet flowing through the depth of detection, if once found hiding in one of network attacks, based on the attack against the threat level to take immediate measures These measures include: alarm to the management center; discard the packet; off the application session; cut the TCP connection.
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