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Part No. : GM16C450
Description : UART
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In addition, 32Kb on-chip Flash memory is used to store data, and when working in the MCU can be replicated. It provides with the electrically erasable programmable read only memory is almost the same functionality. Thus, no external memory to store data, but also helps reduce overall system cost. SH72544R used with the 272 - different pin P-BGA package, as selected according to the actual requirements of on-chip peripheral functions, so the SH72531 to use a small 176 - pin LQFP package. Despite its small number of pins, but the SH72531 incorporates the engine and transmission still control the application of the main functions and interfaces required, including Advanced Timer Unit III multifunction timer unit, 12 - bit high speed A / D converter, CAN * 2 interface, and high-speed serial interface. This achieved a very accurate real-time control. As with the previous SH72544R, SH72531 also used SH-2A CPU core. It provides some SH72544R peripheral functions. This means that, in the development of system integration SH72531, you can re-use software developed for the SH72544R, thereby reducing the development time required. In recent years, in the automotive field, in order to protect the environment, the restrictions on vehicle emissions become more stringent. Is also a strong need to improve fuel efficiency. With rising gasoline prices and the expansion of BRIC markets, on smaller, cheaper car demand is also increasing.
Cross-Network problems are: Shandong Jinan in a trading company of agricultural products is often necessary to establish its headquarters in Beijing and VPN online, but do not know why, online is always very unstable, and often transfer data not finished, and was back online. This situation, it may be established across different VPN network operators instability arising from problems such as the headquarters line with China Netcom, and branch lines by telecommunications, inter-network bandwidth is inadequate, and produce the phenomenon. This also can be used to solve multi-WAN routers, the headquarters of both access network and telecommunications lines, lines outside the points belongs to Netcom, Netcom, the entrance from the establishment of VPN, telecommunications, construction of telecommunication lines from the external point VPN, so you can to address cross-bandwidth small or unstable.

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