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Part No. : GAL20V8B
Description : Electrically-Erasable PLD
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Ming-Xin 8600GT NVIDIAs G84-based graphics core, graphics chip using 80 nanometer process, the core codenamed G84-400, using DirectX 10 unified shader architecture, there is no traditional concept of rendering pipelines. Graphics Built-in 32 stream processors, Shader Model 4.0 support DirectX10.0 and other special effects. Cooling section, Ming-Xin 8600GT overclocking using three radiators, cooling effect of non-produced good, so the graphics core can run at higher frequencies. Workmanship, Ming-Xin 8600GT with its own research and development of non-public version of the design, graphics powered by a large number of high-quality solid capacitors enclosed power supply module, the card provides a pure current output to ensure stable operation of graphics cards for a long time.

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