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Part No. : GAL16V8B-25QP
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Page Number : 24
Manufacturer : Lattice Semiconductor
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Field of information security in our country, Venus was first published on CAVIUM 16 Gigabit core integrated security gateway USG-10000E, the achievements of the true meaning of Chinas first Gigabit UTM products, including firewall performance up to 25G, IPS Performance up to 11.7G. Then after a few months, Netscreen one business establishment in the country rocks of information security vendor Network Division and Lenovo also has introduced a domain-based CAVIUM, RMI multi-core program-level security gateway Gigabit to achieve high-performance network off characteristics. It is reported that multi-core areas are also actively involved in TOPSEC, but has yet to see the introduction of multi-core products. In China, this Gigabit performance to achieve application-layer inspection, indicates that Chinas information security vendors has broken numerous problems, have the ability to successfully navigate the multi-core computing. Both established vendors or a rising star, both in the field of multi-core development effort, many manufacturers have to participate, will continue to promote the domestic information security migration to multi-core era, the domestic application of multi-core computing industry began to take shape.
Analysts believe that the most important mobile data services this year, income or short message services, such as a SMS to 300 billion -500 billion dollars, the income of China Mobile can get no more than 10 billion yuan. Administrative factors aside, China Unicom CDMA business can be described as wishful thinking of playing double-edged sword - it is necessary to carry data traffic, slowing the decline in revenue; have to start using CDMA grab targeted high-end users. In carrying out value-added data services CDMA1X network has not yet completed the second phase before the mission to seize the high-end users has become a top priority. From the Boston Consulting Groups report shows that 20% of the high-end customers may result in the loss of 60% profit decline. According to Wang Bo Maikenxipan introduction to international mobile operators, they increase the ARPU value greater challenge is how to reduce the turnover rate of users, in particular, the loss rate of high-end users, for which a substantial increase in their customer relationship management of investment, identify the high-end customers, and then at all costs to keep these customers in their own hands.

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