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Part No. : FWIXP425BD
Description : Intel㈢ IXP42X Product Line of Network Processors and IXC1100 Control Plane Processor
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Page Number : 134
Manufacturer : Intel Corporation
File Size : 1070 Kb

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Wave Yang, general manager of Intels partners, said: "Wave Tissot TS20000 is a leading international standard for high-performance commercial server, which not only marked the launch of the commercial wave of high-performance computing in a leading position also represents a major breakthrough in the field of domestic servers, we express our heartfelt congratulations. We also hope to further strengthen the close cooperation with the tide, and promote Chinas high-performance business computing server, and the continuous development of technology. "" Wave Tissot TS20000 " embodied in the "big collaborative application architecture" concepts and "flexible deployment of" strategic thinking reflects the wave of the future development of the server industry, deep understanding, but also for the industry pointed out the development. Since 1993, the first wave of SMP2000 server since the birth of Chinas industry has gone through a server from scratch, from weak to strong year development history. "Standing in the decade" the field of professional server technology accumulation and a profound grasp of the server market, the new starting point, the wave of future, proposed a "flexible deployment of" future development strategy, and issued on behalf of the industrys highest technical level of the wave Tissot TS20000 products.

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