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FW82801FBM Datasheet | Agere Systems
Part No. : FW82801FBM
Description : One-Cable Transceiver/Arbiter Device
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Page Number : 22
Manufacturer : Agere Systems
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For example, the banking network system is the lifeblood of their operations. If you stop a few minutes, it will cause a great loss of their business. Therefore, from the full margin, easy to install and reliability point of view, Category 6 cable is a more ideal solution. If the budget is not limited to fiber optic cable was used in all. The objective environment is a reality, the budget is limited. So, you will certainly consider Category 6 cabling solutions in the capacity of the economy, after all, than the high cost of such programs 5E 20-30%. However, when making decisions do not only focus on initial cost, which is crucial. Based on the above issues and the analysis of such cases, you can know which program best suited to their needs, while cost and within budget. Parameters unless otherwise specified, all values in dB as a unit, all values for the values measured at 100MHz. Values in parentheses were Category 6 cable and Category 7 cable at 250MHz at 600MHz at the measurement. Shown in the table Cable Category 6 and 7 class values may differ from the final standard.

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