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FW82801DBM Datasheet | Agere Systems
Part No. : FW82801DBM
Description : One-Cable Transceiver/Arbiter Device
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Page Number : 22
Manufacturer : Agere Systems
File Size : 369 Kb

FW82801DBM Article About

Recently, the worlds leading manufacturers of communications sent HUBER + SUHNER introduced a high-precision SUCOTEST-18A test cable device. The test cable device to adapt to the harsh environment applications for a variety of arduous tasks to provide quality testing, they found the cable and antenna testing and system errors, measurement and income value of the insulation and design, deployment, wireless devices and networks and to optimize the effective detection tools. The cable bending and torsion in addition to being good flexibility, but also have excellent flexibility and reliable stability. Their long life, and help save costs, but also can simplify measurement, for example, simplify the application of the wireless communication system of outdoor field measurement. 18GHz test the stability of the cable to be one of those in super harsh environments of space and defense applications to measure the ideal choice.
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