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FW82443ZX Datasheet | Agere Systems
Part No. : FW82443ZX
Description : One-Cable Transceiver/Arbiter Device
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Page Number : 22
Manufacturer : Agere Systems
File Size : 369 Kb

FW82443ZX Article About

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Huihai D-801 speakers overall style emphasis on aesthetic, satellite box cool black, long strips of shape, just like chocolate is the most common people, in addition to well meet the latest wave of ultra-thin design nowadays, but also strongly praised the smooth lines , using high brightness piano paint process to create the flat, smooth body interpretation of the aesthetic taste, together with the full range satellite speakers aluminum foil, aluminum function knob, highlight the mood of modern urban life, the petty bourgeoisie. D-801 speakers with 5 1 / 4 inch woofer, 3-inch midrange driver, 1 1 / 2 inch tweeter combinations, the use of the three frequency design, the overall sound quality smooth transition with the traffic, avoid density of less than 2.1 Speaker frequency of ordinary defects. It is worth mentioning that Huihai D-801 in addition to the main box outside the integrated volume control knob are also integrating the two gain treble and bass knob gain can be adjusted independently of the design can meet the listening needs of more users, application broader. Frequency response 30Hz-150Hz, 150Hz-20KHz

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