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Part No. : FW82439TX
Description : Controller Miscellaneous - Datasheet Reference
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uos wireless PicoBaseStations and FemtoCell station equipment is SentryXL typical beneficiaries. It is estimated that by 2010, 50% of the wireless service providers will be launched to raise average revenue per high-bandwidth services. Applications range from 40-75 per client need kilobits per second of the text messages and e-mail, to each client needs more than 14 megabits per second bandwidth interactive games and Web browsing. In each base station to support these services, we need safe, high-bandwidth optimized return. To provide these services to improve the backhaul bandwidth, the most effective way is to uninstall the encryption and compression processing to SentryXL ASP, the release of CPU cycles and memory bandwidth, the user can be broken down to provide value-added services.

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