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Part No. : FW82439HX
Description : System Controller
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Another issue is only occasional MOTS system itself is inherently flawed. Since the preparation of MOTS way, you can enter without sector allocation information or missing information on the sectoral allocation of orders. When this occurs, the orders will eventually be lost in the system. When the order is lost, the accurate and timely accounting more difficult to achieve. As the business grew, the architecture becomes more and more obvious defects, and with the increase in the number of customers and orders, lost orders and incorrect entry appears with increasing frequency, which is difficult to bring revenue measure the impact. In addition, the number of manual input of data processing has led to delays and inefficiencies.
Peasant uprising led by the late Qin Sheng, the establishment of the regime, "Chen She Records family," recorded, said: "No. Zhang Chu." According to the records, the general feeling that this "Zhang Chu," but the regime of the country, but in academia, but has been not to recognize "Zhang Chu" for the country argument. What merits and demerits. Silk Book in the "five-star accounted for", used for dating the "Zhang Chu," provides a new clue to the world. In the "classical view only", there is a selected from the "Warring States" in the name of the text - "Touch be frightened, said Zhao Queen Mother", talking about the Warring States Period, Zhao Queen Mother would not let her son go to Chang Chun Qi hostage , Minister of touch be frightened cleverly persuaded the Queen Mother, for her son to the national interest to the State of. This story in the "Historical Records Zhao family," also recorded, but the hero is not called "touch be frightened," but called "Touch the dragon." What is the "Warring States" on or "Historical Records" on?

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