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Google shares closed at a recovery Tuesday after rising 3.6%, to close at $ 443.03, thereby bringing the overall U.S. Internet stocks higher. The day the Dow Jones Internet Index rose 1.3% to close at 95.73 points; the Nasdaq composite index rose 16.78 points to close at 2265.25 points. Because the U.S. government refused to provide Google users search data, and investors worry about the upcoming fourth quarter results poor, the shares fell on Friday, $ 36.99, to close at $ 399.46, down 8.5%. But some Wall Street analysts later suggested that investors should take the opportunity to buy, and that the company is scheduled for Jan. 31 fourth-quarter earnings release will do well. We also recognize that 3G is true that some of the more difficult issues facing tie him with Chinas 3G deployment, but also an objective that the cause of the current status of 3G heated debate, so that people do not think 3G will be chaos on the illusion, and the Internet the media hype is the Department can not get away. Without the Internet hype, believe the government will consider their own plans and rhythm, steps launched 3G.
Butts also noted that Microsofts Internet assets, the acquisition of Yahoo makes more sense. She pointed out that Yahoos mobile search business imperative is to attract users, not money. She said: "Frankly speaking, money is the last thing to consider, and I want to first get the audience." End of the World today criticized the short-sighted marketing counterparts, proposed "eco-marketing" theory. Saying this will improve the eco-marketing, marketing strategy. End of the World, said: "Last year, a number of short-sighted view of the community within the industry marketing practices, End of the World community is not made clear-cut fraud, do not be evil, do not plunder the ecological marketing theory." The development of new chips is critical to the Sun, as it relates to Sun and Intel-based low-cost computers and high-end processor-based IBM, the computers core competitiveness. While better than Sun in the 130-nm technology with Intels Itanium chips, but Suns R & D is still some delay, in an interview two years ago, Suns former president, John Shoemaker said at the time, UltraSparc IV processor will launch in two years .

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