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Part No. : FMMT591TA
Description : Prescaler/Frequency Divider
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Not long ago, we posted net new Mount Royal Shenzhou red G60-76AA security gateways were tested. The product uses a multi-core x86 processors with programmable ASIC engine to accelerate the "multi-core AC architecture" solution, in the routing, transparent, NAT three modes, the measured throughput of up to 8Gbps. Unfortunately, our tester was only 8 Gigabit interfaces, not more in-depth testing. 8 Port Gigabit wire-speed forwarding is clearly not red G60-76AA Mount maximum capacity, in line with the purpose of mining the limits of performance, we are partners in the laboratory with the assistance of Spirent Communications for secondary testing of the product. Typically, with 8 Gigabit ports tester has been able to meet the needs of most of the test. But for the telecommunications, universities, data centers, targeting high-end applications Taishan red G60-76AA, it still seems not enough. The more we change the interface equipped with a TestCenter tester for testing, to inspect the project is still under the three modes, open the firewall module and load the 200 strategy, the throughput and average delay.

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