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Part No. : FMMT589TA
Description : Prescaler/Frequency Divider
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For all the subcarriers are modulated using the same code of fixed communication systems, the error rate experienced mainly by the decline of the most serious sub-carrier decision. Therefore, frequency selective fading channel, with the average SNR increases, the systems bit error rate decreased very slowly. But you can choose the best for different physical transmission sub-channel model, that use different modulation coding schemes, modulation coding scheme for each sub-channel signal to noise ratio to adapt to each. The basic idea of adaptive transmission is to change the transmit power level, the symbol transmission rate for each sub-channel, QAM constellation size, coding and other parameters or combinations of these parameters in order to maintain a constant bit error rate. This error rate, without sacrificing the case of good quality through the transmission sub-channel high-speed transmission, poor quality of the subchannels in order to reduce the transmission rate, etc. to provide high frequency for efficiency. Adaptive technology greatly reduces the dependence on the balanced and interwoven to enhance the performance of the WLAN system. Figure 3 shows the adaptive scheme, the system structure. Smart antenna is a multiple antenna array system composed of independent days. The output of the array and transceiver combination of multiple inputs, providing an integrated space-time signal. The difference is that with a single antenna, antenna array system can dynamically adjust the beam direction, so that each user get the most out of the main lobe and reduces the side lobe interference. This not only improves the signal interference ratio SINR, but also improve the capacity of the system, the largest expansion of the coverage area, reducing the transmission power of mobile stations.
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