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Part No. : FMMT497TA
Description : Prescaler/Frequency Divider
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File Size : 177 Kb

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In the user space and kernel space code is written, you can directly modify the source code and compile and install, in order to standardize and facilitate, NETFILTER / IPTABLES provides kernel and user space expansion patch: a patch for the kernel patch-o-iptables and extensions under the iptables source code directory for the iptables patch process itself. In the patch-o-iptables provides a "runme" script to patch the core, according to the functions required documentation has five parts: the main program file, the kernel configuration file patch, to help patch the kernel configuration file, runme script display help information, patch the kernel make file documents. iptables extension itself a little simpler, it is in the extensions directory to add a libipt_ids.c the file, and then the Make file in the subdirectory of PF_EXT_SLIB macro ids in a string attached.

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