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Two-stage reaction of stock market investors, I could not help but think some cynicism. After the earnings announcement, investors rush into Google, causing the stock rose 75 points in after-hours trading. Not long ago, when Google announced the next quarter earnings, the company must soaring stock price. Recently, however, the search for the cause worthy of taking into account the growth prospects of slowing growth in click-through rate, Googles stock price has no past scenery. Secunia said in a report, new vulnerabilities in IE6 out of the DHTML Edit ActiveX control, once in some cases dealing with "execScript" function, it could go wrong, being conscientious Presley used in the browser to execute malicious code, could allow phishers transmit e-mail with links to phishing sites. URL address of a malicious Web site may be short-lived, followed put the user into the site to be phishing.
The evaluation index increase from the site "site security" also highlights the proportion of this. With the continuous development of the Internet and technology in depth, forming a standard and comprehensive website security standard is currently the site of the operation of the most pressing needs. Large sites have a large number of human and material resources, the site has great security advantages, often less affected by the system security. But the absolute number of small and medium web sites than the absence of their own development efforts, and only by small and medium sized CMS, the head Principle is not a member of the domain before the DHCP Server in the corresponding request, the other to the network DHCP Server sends DHCP INFORM query packet, if the other DHCP Server has to respond, then the DHCP Server can not corresponding to the customer requirements, that is, that the network DHCP server to join domain priority than DHCP server is not joined to a domain is higher. So that when the legitimate presence of unauthorized DHCP can not afford to have any effect on the.

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