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FFB3904 Datasheet | Fairchild Semiconductor
Part No. : FFB3904
Description : NPN General Purpose Amplifier
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Page Number : 5
Manufacturer : Fairchild Semiconductor
File Size : 78 Kb

FFB3904 Article About

One neighbor set list is lost. Solution: add to the active sector of the PNs Neighborhood list. If the PN has been in the neighborhood set list, it will raise its priority. Second, sudden strong PN interference. Solution: the introduction of soft-switching cell to eliminate interference sudden strong PN, you can increase the pilot power, the smooth soft PN burst switching, but also by adjusting the antenna angle, pilot power and other measures, the signal transmission to the original block area to create cover or reduce the switching parameters T_ADD. Also increased SRCH_WIN_x appropriate window to find the phone PN. There are ways to eliminate sudden PN, the first pilot power by reducing the sudden removal PN, or by adjusting the antenna, the next angle, replace the antenna and other physical methods of optimization.
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