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Part No. : F65550B
Description : VGA Controller
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TP-Link: 108Mbps, 54Mbps and 11Mbps wireless products in the market there are some differences on the price, so 108Mbps wireless products introduced in the existing wireless products will not have much impact. Su Jianxun TP-LINK product director, said: "TP-LINK 108Mbps products using Atheros SuperG-based, and by further improvements to the built environment for Chinas rapid development and field development of original technology, which combines the rapid development of technology the dynamic burst mechanism, fast frames, hardware compression / decompression, channel bonding, dynamic 108, and many other new technologies, the maximum effective data transfer rate is 3 times the standard 11g product. At the same time domain spreading technology to the farthest distance is the standard 11g product 2-3 times. "
As the first national Security Evaluation and Certification Standards - GB/T18336-2001 and "smart card security technology telecommunications requirements" for Evaluation and Certification of the SIM card manufacturer, this certification passed, full of Gs high safety and trustworthiness, and to further consolidate and stressed the G has always been excellent in the safety performance of a deeper level to ensure that the Jie Deka piece from the design advantages, to meet the safe use of accurate production of the extraordinary quality of its research and development and increase investment more large-scale production to provide a strong protection.

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