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Part No. : F65545B2
Description : VGA Controller
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Volume control button to set the front panel section, using a shuttle knob design, the operation became more simple, feel better and work under the knob will be issued under the light blue light, giving the feeling of finishing touch. Satellite box is very small, satellite box orange sound film is the crowning touch. Performance, Fen SPS-830G 08 Version 2.1 speaker structure, all wood cabinet effectively reduces the noise generated during use. SPS-830G 08-to-ground version of the subwoofer using pressurized structure, with 12W rated output power, the bass is more robust, full-band high-frequency satellite speaker unit performance is commendable; 08 edition features a professional speaker and the confined air style bass design, the presentation of the sound even more perfect, and it is with a bass adjustment knob, the same price than the products more competitive. This FENDA SPS-830G 08 07 version of the appearance on the basis of the new elements added, making the 08 version of a more beautiful style, sound quality is also good performance, the current price of 120 yuan, price is still quite good. DIY since there has been installed from the PC DIY, to a variety of electrical DIY, mobile phones to MP3 case the DIY development of the case. Multimedia speakers also came to play with the DIY, Huihai Le Bar D-104 is born under such a trend. Xpress-on color of the speakers in the entire market, or rare, and we enjoy them together under the bar.
Hao Chen software "versatility" is good, with the AutoCAD software to solve a smooth transition. Secondly, the product function, ICAD did "great and real" - that is, to achieve both the "applicable" and "useful", especially in two-dimensional feature-rich, but also close to our actual use of ... ... "These are the ho Chen Hao Chen software users in a recent promotion software delivered at the Shenyang reflections. in Shenyang Municipal Construction Committee, Liaoning Province and Shenyang Institute of Civil Engineering Survey and Design Associations strong support, "Hao Chen, Shenyang Promotion CAD software" in Shenyang Kempinski Ski Hotel Grand Ballroom as scheduled. The meeting that day, guests, bringing together representatives of nearly three hundred. Shenyang Urban Construction Design Director at Li Yingying, Liaoning Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture CAD Committee Xing-Xiang Wang, director and other leaders in person at the venue and guidance.

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