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Part No. : F65530A
Description : VGA Controller
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First, we can customize the behavior and identification of high-risk operation, and warning of such operations, the use of e-mail, SNMP Trap notification methods such as network security management. Second, the definition of non-compliance have been operating, or through the security devices and network equipment to work together to close the communication, to prevent the ongoing operation. Finally, the system must have a reporting system, managed by group, you can schedule report generation for the planning, provision of print, export, and mail delivery services, and reports filed under the plan, filed after the email notification. Royal Divine SecFox-NBA network to business network for customers in a variety of databases, Windows and Unix hosts, WEB application system with comprehensive security audit. SecFox-NBA products, the core objective is to ensure customer data security and business operation of the network in compliance, there are data access auditing, data change audit, user audit, access behavior violation audit, audit and other malicious attacks 5 major functions.
You can choose from the source code or install from RPM. If you installed Red Hat 6.2 or the standard version 7.x, then you may want to install from the RPM. Be sure to read the installation instructions, install the correct order because the RPM is very important. After installation, to understand the FreeVSD daemon is installed and has run well, run netstat-lt to see whether there vsd. If vsd appears, then the situation as usual. If not, please start diagnosing the problem, see if you have completed all the steps correctly. To further diagnose the problem, check FreeVSD FAQ or search FreeVSD mailing list. After installation, will not have any virtual machines in place, until you create your own one: run after installation, so only listen vsd request daemon. After installation FreeVSD, you can create a virtual server. You may not know the maximum number of virtual servers is the number - as shown under the FreeVSD document, about 250. This number should be sufficient. If this were not enough, you just add another Linux host on the list!

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